Company Profile


Starting as Marketing and Distribution company of Australian sofa Brand, Moran in 2000, PT United Homefashion Indonusa started the sofa business. Capitalized with only ….m2 storage area, 10 staffs and a representative showroom of Moran in west Jakarta, we started to market sofa in Jakarta.

As the demand of high quality sofa grew, we started to realize the opportunity had risen for us to start our own local sofa manufacturing line. Aligned with not many of local sofa manufacturer have the skill and ability to produce high quality sofa, we took a leap and prepared to form our team to start the local sofa manufacturing. Based on those ideas, in 2002, we established our first sofa manufacturing company called PT Kaison Prima Indonusa.

Through constant perseverance in forming professional team, intense market and product research to strive for the best, in 2003, we started to develop and establish our first and professionally managed modern sofa brand called SAVANA FURNITURE and set up the first representative SAVANA FURNITURE showroom in Kemang, South Jakarta.

The shifting of lifestyle in Indonesia especially Jakarta where residential area became more and more expensive and people started to move to apartment and condominium with a limited space inadvertently created a new needs of sofa. Once again, we realized an opportunity had appeared for us to develop our business to fulfill the new demand of sofa. Through intense research of the new market, in 2007, we launch our 2nd brand called Klik-Klak Smart Sofa bed. Klik-Klak had became a smart solution to valuable space.

To enrich our product line, we started to develop accessories to support our main product such as puff, beanbag, etc. We also become a sub contracting company to produce head board of spring bed. In 2010, PT Kaison Prima Indonusa was changed to PT Pegasus Graha Indah as the result of the development and diversification of business lines.